Living Room Project

Welcome to the Living Room Project

Our aims are to work with stakeholders of Living Room Project to improve the social and physical surroundings of the area. To create a public space that will improve the liveability of the neighbourhood and the wellbeing of its users.

How can we make our area part of a vision of a child friendly city? What kind of place can we make this?

What improvements or changes do YOU want to see in the area? Together we can collaborate to make it happen.

Living Room is working with Sustainable Bishopston to creatively think about bringing about some changes to the area. We want to raise awareness around healthy living, safe travel, pollution, space to live and play for a diverse population, supporting wildlife and encouraging growing. 

Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Partnership, City of Bristol College, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Brunel Field School all support LIVING ROOM’s aims.

  • Growing Together After School 8th May 2017

    Posted in Featured on May 05, 2017

    Now the spring weather is here it's a great time to hang around after school, chat with friends and take part in the growing together project. On Monday the 8th of May you will be able to see the fabulous children’s art exhibition – designed to make the school environment more colourful.

  • Growing Together Saturday 13th May 2017

    Posted in Featured on May 05, 2017

    We know you’d like to create a greener Ashley Down, to encourage more wildlife and to get to know your neighbours better. Working with many local stakeholders the Living Room Project invites you to come and try some of the activities going on Arthur Milton Street on Saturday 13th.