Residents Consultation April 2016

Living Room project is working with Sustainable Bishopston with these aims:

  • To work with stakeholders of Living Room to improve the social and physical surroundings of the area.
  • To create a public space that will improve the liveability of the neighbourhood and the wellbeing of its users.

We are keen to get your feedback about your thoughts on safety, wellbeing, biodiversity and green space in the area around Brunel Field School, City of Bristol College and Gloucestershire Country Cricket club, and will use your data to raise funds to develop plans to make these streets and spaces more liveable.

Click here to fill out the April 2016 Residents Consultation Questionnaire

We will be collecting the results towards the end of April and using them to support our applications for funding.

We have anecdotal information about the challenges of moving around this space but with data we can start to make some changes! Please pass this on to users/residents of the area. Thanks.

Posted on Apr 13, 2016